Budgeting without Tears on One Income: Single Mom Edition


I’ve been a single mom now for twelve years solidly.  I have spent many restless nights worrying about budgeting for my wee ones and ensuring that they have the essentials met, housing, food, clothing, and recreation.  As I looked over my office budget last week and began to think, I budget every month, but I […]



My definition of adulting is listed above.  As a 35 year old woman, I can remember being a teenager and thinking “I can’t wait to be an adult.”  Boy was I dumb.  With adulthood comes budgets, kids, jobs, bills, and etc.  It becomes a day in and day out struggle sometimes to keep the energy […]



This summer has taught me one thing and one things only, kids consume alot more when they get older.  especially when they have no sense of what anything cost.  This summer has taught me as the parent that it is vital to know where you are spending your money more than anything.  One thing that […]